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It has been some time since I was last able to update this blog.  I am back.  Various reasons why I could not update this site, but I am back again.

Another lesson learnt – numerous feedback & it has been an eye-opener- how one gets these bot driven messages, that it is just a waste of time to even go through the comments and respond to what “may” be genuine feedback. My apologies to all those who may have replied but all said & done, I have removed the feedback option completely.  

I will share my thoughts to the best of my abilities! I will leave it to you to decide how best you want to connect with me- and you could find me on LinkedIn easily if you really want to (to get the bots confused!) 

Take care!


The Laws of Mind Mapping

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I heard about Mind Maps in 1999 when I was listening to a cassette on Speed reading. Mind Mapping was given as a tool to memorize. A very basic introduction on Mind Mapping was provided which was not very helpful to me at that point in time.

After trying for a couple of weeks, I set that aside, because it was not as easy as it was explained in the audio training. Later when I got to a book store, and happened to see a book by Tony Buzan – it triggered the thoughts of what I had heard in the training program.

Reading the book was a different experience altogether. The learning was more fruitful because it clearly articulated the LAWS- based on which the Mind Mapping experience is built on. It is not just a combination of just using colours and links- but a lot more to it- which is not apparent till you read it. LAWS therefore set a context for me to maximize the returns that I could get from Mind Mapping. Based on a lot of research & feedback from thousands of people, the Laws set the basic model in place, and the rest can be improved by you as you become more and more fluent with the model. My results became a lot more positive since then.

The key laws are as follows:


1. Use Emphasis

2. Use Association

3. Be Clear

4. Develop a personal Style


1. Use hierarchy

2. Use Numerical order



More about each of these in the coming blogs. 

Till then remember, while you learn and start using Mind Maps, always, remember the basic laws on which you build your Mind Maps..  It is important to always follow the Laws to maximize the returns.


Becoming a Motivational Leader

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Gone are the days of leaders & followers.  In today’s world, more is expected from fewer people, and to wait for a leader to give directions is futile.  Every one of us should take the onus on ourselves to elevate ourselves as leaders & do things that a true leader will do.  By being a leader in every aspect of what you do, we set ourselves to think and behave like a motivational leader that in turn will help the ecosystem that you work in – the company, your manager, your co-workers- and most of all yourself.

Use the Mindmapping skills & the ability to use both sides of your brain to become even more effective as a motivational leader.

This is a great article by Brian Tracy- which captures the essence of what a Motivational leader should do!

Becoming a Motivational Leader
By: Brian Tracy

Create a Big Vision
To become a motivational leader, you start with motivating yourself. You motivate yourself with a big vision, and as you move progressively toward its realization, you motivate and enthuse others to work with you to fulfill that vision.

Set High Standards
You exhibit absolute honesty and integrity with everyone in everything you do. You are the kind of person others admire and respect and want to be like. You set a standard that others aspire to. You live in truth with yourself and others so that they feel confident giving you their support and their commitment.

Face Your Fears
You demonstrate courage in everything you do by facing doubts and uncertainties and moving forward regardless. You put up a good front even when you feel anxious about the outcome. You don’t burden others with your fears and misgivings. You keep them to yourself. You constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone and in the direction of your goals. And no matter how bleak the situation might appear, you keep on keeping on with a smile.

Be Realistic About Your Situation
You are intensely realistic. You refuse to engage in mental games or self-delusion. You encourage others to be realistic and objective about their situations as well. You encourage them to realize and appreciate that there is a price to pay for everything they want. They have weaknesses that they will have to overcome, and they have standards that they will have to meet, if they want to survive and thrive in a competitive market.

Accept Responsibility
You accept complete responsibility for results. You refuse to make excuses or blame others or hold grudges against people who you feel may have wronged you. You say, "If it’s to be, it’s up to me." You repeat over and over the words, "I am responsible. I am responsible. I am responsible."

Take Vigorous Action
Finally, you take action. You know that all mental preparation and character building is merely a prelude to action. It’s not what you say but what you do that counts. The mark of the true leader is that he or she leads the action. He or she is willing to go first. He or she sets the example and acts as the role model. He or she does what he or she expects others to do.

Strive For Excellence
You become a motivational leader by motivating yourself. And you motivate yourself by striving toward excellence, by committing yourself to becoming everything you are capable of becoming. You motivate yourself by throwing your whole heart into doing your job in an excellent fashion. You motivate yourself and others by continually looking for ways to help others to improve their lives and achieve their goals. You become a motivational leader by becoming the kind of person others want to get behind and support in every way.
Your main job is to take complete control of your personal evolution and become a leader in every area of your life. You could ask for nothing more, and you should settle for nothing less.

Action Exercises

1) Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action.
First, see yourself as an outstanding person, parent, coworker and leader in everything you do. Pattern your behavior after the very best people you know. Set high standards and refuse to compromise them.
2)Second, be clear about your goals and priorities and then take action continually forward. Develop a sense of urgency. Keep moving forward and you’ll automatically keep yourself and others motivated.

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