5 Minute Guide to a Super Memory for Numbers

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There used to be a time, when I would need to look at my business card to tell people my mobile number. Especially when I had a new number.  Forget about trying to remember someone else’s number. It used to be frustrating! Seeing those TV ads where you had supermen who could rattle numbers off by just looking at them once, made me feel truly inadequate at times. 

Realization then dawned upon me that there was no short cut to this. That started me on the quest to find the best way to address this.

Here is a 5 minute guide for you to use- to move up the ladder in all walks of life. Numbers are the most critical element of success.

So, how do we remember numbers… 

By converting the numbers to words that we can create ASSOCIATIONS with. (More on that in a separate post).  Remember my earlier article/post where I had mentioned that it was important to create a Story, that was colourful, and the brain would remember it better than anything else?  Using the same logic, create stories by converting numbers to words- and then build a story around it.

Step 1: Remember the following phonetic sounds for each number

1 – t, d, th 
2 – n
3 – m
4 – r
5 – L
6 – j
7 – k,g,c-Kite, girl, cat
8 – Ph, f, v
9 – P, b
0 – Z

It is worth the effort to remember these phonetics for each of the numbers.

E.g you had to remember a number 9997

Break it into 99, 97

99 is a word that has 2 P’s or b’s.  Think if a PUB. p=9, b=9
97 is a word that has p (9) and K(7). Think of PEAK p=9, k=7

Build a story around it – imagine your PUB on the PEAK of the world.

PUB PEAK = 99 97

This can be used in many innovative ways to become more and more stronger at remembering numbers. 

Improve your life! Remember numbers.

This is yet another example of Tony Buzan’s tricks to use your brain power better.

I strongly recommend reading the books highlighted here- and join the people who Mind Map – the best way to build your memory. More on that later.

Buzan's iMindMap

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